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Partnership Q&A

Why give a gift? 

gifting.png This appreciation gift satisfies a myriad of needs in today’s funeral experience.

A Woven Remembrance™ Throw is not an ordinary gift. It is something truly special, unique and highly emotional that your families will love and cherish.

It is a true heirloom tapestry combining 17th century craftsmanship with 21st century technology and will be passed down from generation to generation. Recognized by grief experts everywhere, this “linking object” has proven itself time and time again to help families through the grief process. Scores of testimonials from families everywhere lend credible substance to the healing nature of the throw both during and after the service.


What is the turn-around time for delivery? 

fedex-2.pngThrows can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.  Orders that are placed by 3pm CST are available for next day, 2 day or ground delivery, including Saturday delivery.

For more information on shipping and delivery of throws, please see "Shipping & Delivery" policy.

To view our First-Class packaging click here. 

How do I get started?

displayboard.pngFirst step is to contact us at 888-321-4077 and find out if your area is still open and if exclusivity is still possible for you.


If your firm is eligible, we will send you the necessary paperwork to secure you exclusive Woven Remembrance™ Partnership.

The next step is to place an order for your Partner Kit. Click here to see what is included.

As a part of your Partner Kit you will order a throw for your next service. When it arrives you should have the throw displayed for the first viewing – as a surprise gift for the family.

The Woven Remembrance™ throw will take over from there and you will be calling us to tell us about the families reactions.


WE DO NOT PROVIDE PROOFS OF DESIGNS FOR SERVICE THROWS.  We tried this and it almost put us out of business!  Art is subjective and we all have different ideas how to do something.  Our award winning artists are experts at what they do and after delivering thousands of throws you need to trust us to do a beautiful job.  You are giving this as a gift so the family should not be a part of the design process.  It will only complicate your job, the process and our ability to deliver in a timely fashion.  All throws are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.