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Testimonial of the Month

Subject: Testimony of your great works
Good afternoon, Just want to let you all know that we appreciate the wonderful job that you all do. Not only are we pleased, our families are also pleased as well. This blanket we ordered today was not for one of our funerals. It was from another town. There was a lady who died a couple of years ago. She loved and collected light houses. When she died, her husband asked us to do a blanket with lighthouses on it. He cherished that blanket. He visited her grave every day. He kept the blanket close to him all the times, until he died within a year later. When he passed, the family told me this story and asked me to do a blanket with him and her on it. no-61263-jimmy-ray-hinson-vernon-webster-tim-s-3218-jp.jpg

Your company produced a blanket with a photo of her in the sky with a light house near. She was looking down on him as if she was welcoming him to heaven. Their wedding rings were also on this throw with the words "Endless Love". All the family loved this throw so much. I hear they are still talking about it. 

Well, one of the family members visiting from out of town loved it so much that a couple of weeks ago she said she wanted to order one of herself. Needless to say she passed away on 2-16-2019, before she could order. The family put in the order anyway; which is blanket I ordered today. Your work really does give the families comfort during their loss. Ministry doesn't just come from preachers. This is like the Ministry of Vera Lee/Woven Remembrance. 

Thank you thank all of you for allowing God to use you.  This is only one of many testimonies that I'm sharing with you.

Thank you again,

The staff at All Families Mortuary


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