Life Fleece Throw™

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We glean information from the obituary (if provided) along with special instructions you give us, based on comments that the family shared with you about their loved one.
This one of a kind work of art is a beautiful pictorial representation of a loved one’s life that highlights location art, memories, images, logos and text.

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“This is the most powerful product I have seen in my 30 years of funeral service” - Darryl Thompson, Weed-Corley-Fish, Austin, TX.

Guaranteed to deliver an emotional, overwhelming and loyalty building reaction from your families. In fact, reorder rates consistently exceed 50% from this amazing memorialization product.  This one of a kind work of art begins with a quality photo and a written obituary. We then consider other comments the family made to you - that you provide to us - about their loved one. Our award winning artists will then recreate the loved one's life in a fabulous original display of location art, memories, images, logos and text.


Ordering multiples of the same throw?:
Complete the order for the first throw. Choose the item "Re-Order" and choose the desired quantity.